Proventa Inmobiliaria


LA CARRERA, Tupungato Mendoza



Información de la propiedad

ID# 2385-975
Tipo de construcción Lote
Condición Venta
Superficie Total m2 10000
Luz Eléctrica Si
Agua Si
Gas No
Cloacas No
Barrio Privado No
Tiene Expensas No


Great opportunity, U$S 3.6 /m2, rural property sale in the beautiful and trendy valley of La Carrera, Tupungato, Valle de Uco, Mendoza.
This unique place surrounded by the Andes Range offers one of the most breath-taking landscapes of the province of Mendoza. Its green valleys, blue skies and magic atmosphere make of this rural spot the ideal place to relax.
Wineries, hotels, lodges and other touristic attractions are settling down in this region. At this moment, La Carrera is the most required place of Mendoza, Argentina for national and international tourism. Cattle breeding and agrarian activities are also developed.
Due to the peacefulness of the place and its landscape, It is also highly recommendable for having your family ranch.
La Carrera is well known for its huge estancias. Very few families from Mendoza own most of the land. This is an interesting opportunity for many reasons: the prize is really convenient and there are no small plots of lands available in the region nowadays.
We have 14 hectares (35 acres ) for sale. Minimum plot: 2 hectares (5 acres). The land has water rights. U$S 36000 / hectare (U$S 36,000 / 2,47 acres)
The official realtor in charge of the operation is Mr. Julio David Palmada, Reg. No 521, Proventa Inmobiliaria.